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Once you’re in the water, Pete talks about how to fish the rig and how to ensure you get a good hook set in the full video, available at You can watch this full 14-minute video, and 400 other bass fishing videos from top tournament pros. Check out our library for more Carolina rig bass fishing tips, tricks, techniques and pro secrets. Pro tip: If we are Carolina rigging a larger soft plastic like a Zoom Brush Hog or a Gene Larew Salt Craw, we will use a bigger extra wide gap hook that can penetrate the bulk of the plastic on the sweeping hookset you often use with a Carolina rig because you have.

Comments: I had never used the baby brush hog on a Carolina Rig before this Fall, but I've had great success since. I decided to try the watermelon seed color since a friend told me to throw them when the water is hot and the bite gets tough. Now, the baby brush hog is my go-to soft plastic on the C-rig along with Zoom lizard in Spring and Ol. I threw many baits today, the buzz bait, spinner bait, floating worm and jig but the Carolina Rig off the banks were my best bites. I talked to a fisherman in the area and he caught a 6 pounder on a main point, I think he was fishing with a texas rigged brush hog. Bass University TV’s on the water to show you casting, retrieve and trigger bass strikes when fishing the Carolina rig. Bass fishing tournament professional angler Pete Gluszek is fishing a tiny brush hog.

Brush hog Carolina rig. Largemouth. Close. 128. Posted by. u/dmsday86. 3 days ago. I like big bass and i cannot lie. Brush hog Carolina rig. Largemouth. 18 comments. share. save hide report. 98% Upvoted. What are your thoughts? "The Carolina rig allows you to present a different bait that's going to have a motion in the water," he says. "Also, it usually allows you to throw a bigger bait than you could get away with on a jig. When I'm Carolina rigging, I'm typically going to be throwing a 10-inch Zoom 'Ol Monster worm or a full-size Brush Hog to target bigger fish. 01/04/2012 · Was watching a vid last night and the guy mentioned theres a right and wrong way to rig a brush hog. Not sure if its true,but the explanation made sense. Try this.take a Brush Hog,and let it hang off the edge of your hand,the edge you would do a.

Post Hole Digger 2401 Fits both Cat. 1 and Cat. 2 tractors; 6-, 9- or 12-in. Reg & Heavy Duty; ASAE Cat. I driveshaft; See More Product Details. 07/06/2012 · how do i fish the "brush Hog"? ULTIMATE BASS BASS FISHING CLASSIFIED. there really isnt a bad way to fish it. It's a very versatile bait. You can t-rig it, c-rig it, or throw it weightless. I've caught. You can fish it Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, on a shakey head, I even cut it down and use it as a jig trailer sometimes. Any. When fishing the Carolina rig, Thliveros keys in on points of all kinds, humps, creek channels and other underwater structure. He notes that the Carolina rig is best suited for loosely fishing structure, as it is hard to cast the rig accurately. He also uses it to find fish on large, shallow flats.

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Not all creature baits are suited well for the neko rig. The key is to use a creature bait that has a narrow tubular body, and appendages that flop around outside of it. One of the best is the zoom baby brush hog. The brush hog creature bait has a round narrow center where you can place a wacky ring to prevent you from losing a ton of baits. Amount and thickness of cover determines which fishing rig I will throw. The Texas rig is the obvious choice for fishing in heavy cover, while a Carolina rig can still be effective when worked around isolated brush piles or scattered clumps of grass. One thing to remember, no matter which fishing rig you use, there are no right or wrong times. The Zoom Brush Hog is 1, creature bait on the market today. It secret is a slow fall and a double tail that creates lots of vibration. The Baby Brush Hog can be used on a Texas Rig, but it performs especially well on a Carolina Rig. By admin Posted on May 23, 2018 In fishing tips and techniques Tagged., backlash, bass fishing, brush hog, c-rig, carolina rig, carolina rig fishing, carolina rig leader, casting carolina rig,. Bass University TV’s on the water to show you casting, retrieve and trigger bass strikes when fishing the Carolina rig. Categories Fishing Lifehacks Tags., backlash, bass fishing, brush hog, c-rig, Carolina Rig, carolina rig fishing, carolina rig leader, casting carolina rig, crig, Fishing, fishing lifehacks, Fishing Secrets, soft plastic, tangle Post navigation. Fishing FAILS Compilation Funny Blooper Video 2.

30/09/2019 · Fishing a Carolina rig with a Zoom Brush Hog, a ¾-ounce weight and a 4½-foot leader, the Mississippi angler reckons he hit about nine or ten spots each day. “It was isolated grass in 6 to 12 foot, pretty much targeting the hard spots in between grass clumps,” says Lewellen.

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